Pongal (Thai Pongal)

Pongal is thanks giving festival at the harvest season.There is a proverb " Thai piranthal vazhi pirakkum". The commencement of thai give the way of new opportunities.We clean the house and decorate the courtyard with rangoli, kavi using rice flour. Next day Kanu Pongal. Early we go to elder ladies house with manjal and do namaskarams to them to get blessing from them(Majal keetal)

Then do pongal for crows.We lived in a place where all were same community.At dawn before bath we took left over rice , turmeric. . neatly lay them in dry turmeric leaves.Make9/11 small balls of rice and vattali pakku.

kanu pidi vechen kakakpidi vechen,pukkam pongi vazha, 

pirandhaam therunthu vaaazha uda piranthan usandhu vazah

 ( the wellness of whole family)See that crows come and eat the rice.

Take bath and go to the temple.


Sarkarai Pongal

Ven Pongal ( Kichadi)


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